Katie Lee

Katie Lee
Host Of The Shiner Sessions


As the host of the newly created radio show, “The Shiner Sessions with Katie Lee,” Katie Lee is an exciting force to be reckoned with.  And, rightly so – she is a Hurricane Allen baby,  born nine months after heavy winds and rain wreaked havoc in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1980. The hurricane swept through the town and moved on and so did Katie’s mother, who was forced to move herself and the one-month-old infant to Victoria to live with her parents after a tragic car accident left her a widow with a baby.

Years later, Katie and her mother moved back to Corpus for a few years but Katie ultimately landed in Shiner, Texas where she eventually became friends with a neighbor whose relatives were involved in the live, traveling dancehall music scene. Attending dances with The Emotions as young as 12, she developed a true love for small town live music venues as well as these traveling bands.

“Because my friend’s brother ran sound for the band, we were allowed to go,” recalled Katie. “I was able to see and talk to so many musicians before and after the shows and I began to understand where they came from and what their music was truly about.” 

Katie was active and participated in dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading, academic competitions and school sports. Weekends in the fall were spent cheering for the beloved Shiner Comanches and traveling to College Station to see the Fighting Texas Aggies. She is also the proud recipient of two beauty pageant crowns — Jr. Miss Shiner 1995 and Miss Shiner 1997. These titles allowed her to be extremely involved with the community of Shiner and make her the perfect ambassador in her new radio venture. 

“Being Miss Shiner may always be my most valued accomplishment. To have the opportunity to represent such a beautiful place filled with amazing people was a dream come true.”

After graduation, Katie attended Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi then moved to the Houston area. Living next door to Cheri Hendrix Blankenship, owner of Hendrix Music Agency, she was introduced to the Texas music scene through neighborhood concerts as well as artists touring venues in Houston, College Station and surrounding areas. Their friendship crossed paths many times with Tom Imber, owner of The Badlands FM (KBSO) Corpus Christi and the Firehouse Saloon, a legendary country music venue in Houston, TX.  It was through these relationships that Katie developed a love for Texas country music, especially original singer-songwriters.

“Although I always appreciated live music, the Texas country music scene is so different from other genres,” Katie says. “Every artist is unique with their own sound and story. Being from a small town in Texas, I relate to their music.”

Although Katie enjoyed her time in the Houston area, she missed her hometown of Shiner. In the summer of 2011 she moved back and was welcomed with open arms by the community she loved.  As she settled back in and began working at the Shiner Chamber of Commerce, it was upon a casual introduction to the owner of the downtown gift shop, where she found that she also had a deep love of the music from Texas singer-songwriters and was in the process of building a stage to feature acoustic performers.

Knowing that Cheri’s music agency could bring in artists that would appreciate the new listening room and its down-home intimacy, Katie and Cheri began working together to create a songwriter music series that could bring awareness to Shiner and all it has to offer. With Katie’s ties to Corpus Christi, and the goals of Badlands FM, the idea of “The Shiner Sessions w/Katie Lee” was introduced and warmly welcomed by Tom Imber.

“I’ve always wanted the community of Shiner to have the same opportunity I had been given to hear and experience this special music coming from Texas writers,” expressed Katie“The idea of a radio show that showcases Texas’ musical storytellers is not new but incorporating the spirit of Shiner into the program is what will make us stand out.” 

This spirit includes welcoming the artists with the southern charm and hospitality the city of Shiner is known for. Steeped in history and tradition, the home of the famous Spoetzl Brewery provides artists a respite from their busy touring schedules. A visit to appear on the program even  includes an overnight stay at the premier bed and breakfast in Shiner, the Old Kasper House.

Katie encourages the artists to get in town to join her for the last Spoetzl Brewery tour of the day,” says Cheri Hendrix, Program Director. “They can relax, catch some local history and enjoy the community of Shiner before their show. We like stocking their favorite blend of Shiner in the old fridge on the stage and seeing their faces light up when they see the vintage piece actually works and is full of ice cold beer.”

And the excitement is just beginning for Katie Lee. “The Shiner Sessions with Katie Lee,” debuted on Badlands FM (KBSO) in Corpus Christi on July 29 and has been growing in popularity ever since. With artists such as Grady Skelton, Rob Baird, Drew Womack, Walt Wilkins, Owen Temple, Drew Kennedy, Midnight River Choir, and many more scheduled to appear, Katie is well on her way to brewing up a storm in the small town of Shiner.











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  1. Judi Todd says:

    Katie, you look awesome!! I’m excited for you! I’ll be there when I’m in town.